What is My GPS Location

You can easily use our latitude and longitude finder to discover the GPS coordinates of a location or an address. To view the address’ latitude and longitude, enter the address information and select “Get GPS Coordinates.” The coordinates are shown either directly on the live GPS map or in the left column. For access to the Google Maps coordinate finder, you can also register for a free account.

Map coordinates of any GPS location

To view the address and GPS coordinates of any GPS location on Earth, click directly on the map. The left column and the map both display the map coordinates.

What is my location?

We chose to center the map on your current location whenever possible, using the html5 geolocation feature to determine your latitude and longitude. You can also get your location address when it is available.

Where am I? Your browser provides us with your location coordinates, which we cannot access without your permission. We do not keep any records of our users’ locations, so feel free to enable the geolocation feature if you find it useful. To find out where I am, go to this page.

If you do not share your location, the map will default to a GPS location.

US Map

We provide maps of all countries, as well as a map of the United States.

Google Maps Driving Directionsp

Google Maps provides driving directions for any mode of transportation, including driving, bicycling, public transportation, and walking.

Satellite view

To switch to the Map Satellite view of the selected GPS location, simply click the “Satellite” button on the map.

Give your GPS coordinates a name!

You can give any location a name and make it accessible via our API.

To save your favorite places, register for free. When logged in, simply click the star in the map’s data window to add the location to your bookmarks (you can find it under the map on any page).

Determine an address using its latitude and longitude

Any smartphone user is accustomed to Google Maps. It provides real-time traffic data in addition to aiding in route planning. You may quickly obtain the coordinates of your position using Google Maps and share them with others.

The steps below can be used by iPhone or Android users to obtain accurate latitude and longitude:

Enter the location for which you want coordinates into the Google Maps app on your smartphone.

To get your current location, hit the “My Location” symbol as well. Now press and hold the location until a red pin appears; however, the point shouldn’t already have a label on it.

Find coordinates by using Google Maps on your computer

You can use the known coordinates to search for a location or use Google Maps on your computer to get a location’s latitude and longitude. To learn more, adhere to these steps:

● On your computer, open Google Maps and enter the coordinates (if any) in the search field.
● Users can enter values in a variety of forms, including degrees, minutes, and seconds, degrees and decimal minutes, and degrees and decimal degrees.
● Your coordinates will now display a pin.

If you wish to find out a location’s coordinates, do the following:

● Activate Google Maps. (A lightning bolt can be seen at the bottom of Google Maps Lite Mode when opened in a mobile browser, for example. You won’t receive the latitude and longitude of a location in this situation.
● The next step is to right-click the map spot.
● Click “What’s here” now. At the bottom, you will find a card with precise coordinates.

In addition to Google Maps, there are other additional geolocation apps available, including Here location services, Bizzy, Waze, and Glympse. Depending on the compatibility of your device, you can download them. These modern apps make it simple to find and share coordinates.


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