How to Manage Location Settings and Services on iPhone

Location Services on iPhone permits your apps to try to do every kind of thing, like provide you with directions from your Current Location to your destination or track your cardiopulmonary exercise route with GPS. Whereas location services on iPhone are pretty elementary to tons of obtainable functions, you’ll favor closing up location services altogether. Turning your iPhone’s location services on or off is simple to try to do inside your Privacy settings. Once you flip location services off fully, none of your apps are going to be ready to track or use your location. For a lot of nice iPhone privacy tutorials, check our tips about how to manage location settings and services on iPhone.

1. How to activate location services on iPhone

Go from Settings to Privacy, and then Location Services.

Make sure that Location Services is on.

Scroll right down to notice the app.

Tap the app and choose an option:

● Never: Prevents access to Location Services info.
● Ask Next Time: This enables you to settle on invariably whereas Using App, Allow Once, or do not enable.
● While Using the App: permits access to Location Services only the app or one in all its options are visible on screen. If the associate degree app is about to whereas Using the App, you may see your standing bar flip blue with a message that the associate degree app is actively using your location.
● Always: permits access to your location even once the app is within the background.

From here, apps ought to give proof of how the app can use your location info. Some apps may provide solely 2 choices.

If you would like to understand wherever you’re or need true north, you have got to show on Location Services in Settings. Maps use your location to grant you the simplest native info obtainable, whereas Compass uses your location to spot true north.

2. How to close up location access for specific Apps

Location knowledge is beneficial for a few apps (for example, if you would like to order food) and necessary for others, like maps or ride-shares. However, if the associate degree app asks for your location and you do not feel it desires the information, you’ll disable location services for that app. Here’s the way to try this.

● Open Settings.
● Go to “Privacy” > “Location Services.”
● “Location Services” can presumably be switched on. Unless you would like to fully cut all location services off (see below), leave it alone
● Scroll right down to notice an inventory of all the apps that alter location services. every listing can show the app’s name and therefore the sort of permission it has: “Never,” “When Shared,” or “While Using.” “When Shared” refers to the choice “Ask Next Time Or after I Share.” meantime, “While Using” can sometimes mean “While Using the App,” however it will typically conjointly see “While Using the App or Widgets.”
● If you would like to vary a particular app’s access to your location knowledge, click on the app listing.

Location Services
Allow location services

If you click “While Using the App,” then that app can have access to your location either once it’s open or once it’s in use within the background.

For a lot of ways that to limit location access, click on “System Services” at very cheap of the “Location Services” screen. Here, you’ll toggle location access for a variety of things, as well as Wi-Fi, time zone, emergency calls, and Apple News and App Store ads that square measure relevant to your location.

To the left of a number of the service toggles, you’ll see a little arrow. A hollow arrow means that the item might have access to your location beneath bound conditions; a purple arrow means that the item has recently used your location, whereas a grey arrow means that it used your location someday within the last 24 hours.
System Services
System Services Settings

To check whether or not your phone continues to be assembling location knowledge, go right down to the terribly bottom of the “System Services” screen and toggle the turn-on for “Status Bar Icon.” this may show the associate degree arrow at the highest of your screen once associate degree app on your phone is accessing your location.

If you would like to really burst off the grid, you’ll disable location services to forestall your phone from assembling any location knowledge at all:

● Open Settings.
● Go to “Privacy” > “Location Services.”
● Toggle the “Location Services” switch to off.

You’ll get a notice telling you that, whereas Location Services are going to be disabled for all apps, it’ll briefly come back online if you employ the “Find My iPhone” and report your phone lost. choose “Turn Off.”

3. How to share your location with friends

If you are walking alone in the dead of night or you are in an associate degree Uber by yourself, you may need a friend or friend to understand your location in real-time. If you have got iOS thirteen or later, you’ll use the notice My app to share your location with family and friends.

● Open “Settings.” Go into “Privacy,” and check that “Location Services” is switched on.
● Go back to the “Settings” menu and faucet on your name at the highest.
● Select “Find My.” Toggle “Share My Location” on.
● Then move to the notice My app. If this is often your initial time using the app, it’ll raise whether or not you would like it to access your location. Select “Allow While Using App,” “Allow Once,” or “Do Not Enable.”
● You might get a screen explaining that “Find My” will be used with associate degree AirTag or for AirPods, which there square measure apps for the watchOS also.
● On the map screen that seems, choose “People” on the very cheap of the screen.
● Click the button that says “Start Sharing Location.”
● In the “To:” field, sort in either the signaling or name of your friend or friend.
● If the person you choose encompasses signaling that may not be related to an associate degree iPhone, you will be notified with a pop-up. (But you’ll still share your location.)
● Tap “Send,” then choose either “Share for One Hour,” “Share till finish of Day,” or “Share Indefinitely.”
Find My
Share location


It will then begin sharing your location. to change it off, click on your contact’s name within the “Find My” app beneath “People,” then tap “Stop Sharing My Location.” ensure by clicking on the “Stop Sharing Location” button that pops up.

(Note: For a few reasons, the “Share till the finish of Day” choice appears to invariably choose the time of day standard time instead of the top of day standard time. as an example, I am on Eastern Standard Time, and the “end of the day” is usually somewhere around 3 AM. I’ve reached resolute Apple to search out if they need a fix for this and can allow you to grasp if/after I hear back.)

4. How to change my location?

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