How to Share Location on iPhone

If you have ever tried to fulfil somebody at a specific location but you did not recognize the precise address, you’d in all probability appreciate the flexibility to inform them specifically wherever you’re while not knowing the small print.

That’s specifically what your iPhone lets you are doing — share your location via GPS with anyone with simply a faucet.

Because of some obvious privacy considerations, your phone does not broadcast your location all the time. Instead, you would like to decide to send your location to a particular person.

You have loads of choices to try and do this — you’ll be able to send your current location to somebody via Messages, Contacts, Google Maps, or Apple Maps. And relying upon the app, you’ll be able to send your current location on just one occasion, or share your location for an amount of your time — that is handy if you are on the go and need somebody to be ready to realize you where you’re, as an example.

How to enable location services on an iPhone

Before you’ll be able to share your location with anyone, you ought to certify location services square measure turned on.

1. Open the Settings app.

2. faucet “Privacy” so faucet “Location Services.”

3. guarantee Location Services is on by swiping the slider to the proper.

4. If you furthermore may need to share your location unendingly with somebody for an amount of your time (rather than simply causing a one-time location message) faucet “Share My Location” so guarantee it’s on by swiping the slider to the proper.

How to Share Your Location on iPhones

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You can likewise share your own location with members of your Apple Family and with specific individuals. to line this up, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. activate the switch for Location Services, then tap Share My Location. activate the switch for Share My Location.

Now, any members of your Apple Family will see your location. to substantiate that you’re sharing your location with a particular loved one, a faucet that person’s name. If the choice says Stop Sharing My Location, then your location is presently being shared.

How to Share Location With Contacts 

Share Location With Contacts

To share your location with a particular person outside of your Apple Family, open the realize My app on your iPhone and open the People tab. faucet the Share My Location link and opt for the name of a contact with whom you wish to share your location or manually enter that person’s number or email address.

Tap Send, then opt for whether or not you wish to share your location therewith person for one hour, till the top of the day, or indefinitely. The person on the other end can then be asked to provide you with their location. similar to you, they’re going to have the choice to contact you directly, get directions to your location, and find notifications regarding your specific location.

Using Google Maps to share your location


If you happen to own a Google Maps open, you’ll be able to share your location directly from there.

1. Open Google Maps.

2. faucet the blue dot that indicates your location (if you do not see it on the screen, faucet the arrow within the lower right to place your position within the middle of the map).

3. within the pop-up menu, the faucet “Share your location.”

4. opt for however long you wish to share your location. you’ll be able to increase the time to as long as 3 days, otherwise, you will faucet “Until you switch this off.”

5. faucet “Select individuals.”

6. faucet all and sundry in your contact list whom you wish to incorporate. you’ll be able to faucet the downward inform arrow to decide on an associate degree email address or number contact them with.

7. once you are done creating alternatives, faucet “Share” within the higher right corner.

How to share your location using Apple Maps

Apple Maps permits you to share your location yet, tho’ the method is slightly completely different than it’s in Google Maps.

1. Open Apple Maps.

2. faucet the blue dot that indicates your location (if you do not see it on the screen, faucet the arrow within the higher right to place your position within the middle of the map).

3. within the pop-up menu, the faucet “Share My Location.”

4. opt for the app you wish to use to share your location, so use that app to decide on the person you wish to share with.

How to Stop Sharing Location on iPhones

Stop Sharing Location

To stop sharing your location, open the Me tab and switch off Share My Location (this does not disable all location services). If you wish to prevent sharing your location with a private person, open the People tab and choose the contact. you’ll be able to then choose to Stop Sharing My Location to hide from them or choose Remove Friend to delete them utterly.

How to Change Your Location on an iPhone Temporarily

The Global Positioning System (GPS) following could be an inbuilt feature among iPhones, that can not be disabled. It serves to permit you to properly victimization programs that need your current location. within the case that you just need to trick a location-based app and wish to alter your location, you’ll be able to attempt one of these five methods:

  • There square measure many applications within the App Store, that you’ll be able to simply realize victimization the search phrase “spoof location iPhone”. Mostly, these apps square measure used for fun and permit you to share your pretend location with friends, an example.
  • Some users WHO need to use lots of free applications on their device, favor to prisonbreak their iPhones. On your jailbroken iPhone, unitedly with the Cydia app, you’ll be able to realize a variety of Cydia tweaks that will additionally amend your location.
  • You will amendment the iPhone’s location while not prisonbreak via a special program on your waterproof, like iTools. simply connect your iPhone to the waterproof via a USB cable, and among this program create changes to your location knowledge and use a virtual location for your functions.
  • Install a gps location spoofer on your computer to change location on iPhone. Here we recommend the most rated gps Location changer – AimerLab MobiGo. With this app you can instantly teleport your iPhone’s GPS location to anywhere in the world.
    mobigo gps location spoofer
  • The last and also the least most well-liked thanks to amendment GPS location is to edit a .plist file of the Maps app. this is often potential due to the 3uTools program for waterproof. among this program, back up your iPhone, then realize and thoroughly edit the com. apple.Maps. plist file. Restore the new knowledge on your iPhone. Open the Maps application on your smartphone, enter a random location, or faucet to induce data regarding this place, and you’ll see a replacement option: Simulate Location. Use it to alter your current position.