6 Best Apps to Track a Cell Phone Location for Free

Imagine such a case: what if you’ve misplaced your phone but still have all of your important information on your smartphone? The simplest thing you can do is file a police report. But what if you’re already interested? You will save all of your information as well as your money. This text will introduce you to the most basic Apps for tracking your phone’s location for free.

1. GEOfinder

Best for web-based mobile phone hunter with a signal.


GEOfinder is an associate degree easy-to-use mobile phone variety hunter which will exactly pinpoint the placement of any signal on the map, despite the mobile network. to trace location by signal, enter the quantity you want to trace, and choose the SMS you would like to send.

The device owner can then receive associate degree SMS with a special link. By clicking on the link, the device owner basically shares the phone’s location with you, which you’ll read within the userspace.


  • Determine the placement of any signal.
  • Adjust the SMS as per your want.
  • Receive a close location on the map.
  • Unlimited geo-location requests.

Verdict: GEOfinder works with any mobile phone and mobile network supplier to exactly find a number’s location. once requesting geo-location, you’ll rest assured that your identity remains hidden. the simplest half regarding GEOfinder is the incontrovertible fact that you don’t ought to install a software system.

Price: Free

2. Google notice My Device

Best for following mobile phones on golem devices.


Google notice My Device may be a free phone following application. The app helps you to track any device on your golem phone. you’ll set a watchword to secure the info. Also, the app supports remote lock and erase options.


  • Monitor phone, tablet, or smartwatch
  • Google Maps support
  • Indoor maps for giant search centers, airports, and malls
  • Lock or erase a tool
  • Compatible with golem four.1 and later

Verdict: Google notices My Device may be a reliable phone following app. however the app tracks the device only the web affiliation is on. You can’t track the phone simply with the GPS location feature.

Price: Free.

Website: Google notice My Device

3. Glympse

Best for GPS following of friends, relations, and associates for complimentary.


Glympse may be a free location-sharing app that permits the following of relations, friends, and associates. The free app accessible for transfer on golem and iOS devices displays the period location of users. Users oughtn’t to transfer the app to share the update.


  • Location following
  • Create Glymph cluster
  • Public tags for sharing bike routes or community events
  • Dynamic map
  • Compatible with golem four.0 and later and iOS nine.0 and later

Verdict: Glyphs may be an extremely rated app on Google Play and iOS stores. However, some users have complained that the app doesn’t show the placement of the tack Google Map.

Price: Free.

Website: Glympse

Apart from the free apps we have mentioned above, we tend to extremely advocate the subsequent following apps with tiny charges.

4. Mobilespy.at

Best for a period of time observance of golem and iPhone.


Mobilespy.at maybe a smartphone observance app for fogeys, Schools, and Businesses. it’s undetectable and might give the live details. With the assistance of this tool, you’ll spy on Live GPS, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. It will undelete the messages. It offers over forty-two distinctive options.


  • Mobilespy has capabilities of multi-phone summary, up to 2000+ devices.
  • It is compatible with all social media.
  • It tracks all the main points of the target phone like calls, contacts, messages, photos, etc.
  • It has a location following and a Wi-Fi faller.
  • All the information regarding the target phone is secured victimization the EU data law.

Verdict: Mobilespy provides simple observance of any smartphone for a period. It provides a live-information about all the connected smartphones. It saves all the communication. it’s a platform with a live dashboard, key logger, etc.

Price: Mobilespy offers the answer with 3 evaluation plans, one Month ($19 monthly), Three Months ($16 monthly), and half-dozen Months ($13 monthly). A demo is obtainable for the tool.

5. MSpy

MSpy is a phone hunter app that allows you to observe your kid’s activity remotely with no problem. It allows you to look at all the messages with no problem. This tool permits you to ascertain the GPS location of the device.



  • Real-time location following. Historical locations are saved into mSpy account. you’ll limit geozone i.e. once the person goes out of the zone, the user can get the notification
  • It works in background mode.
  • This application encrypts and protects your information.
  • Provides activity updates of the targeted phone every five minutes.
  • It offers polyglot support.
  • You will browse incoming or outgoing text messages.

Verdict: mSpy has several advanced options that don’t seem to be enclosed in most alternative following apps. it’s compatible with golem four.0 & later and everyone on iOS devices while not jailbroken.

Price: mSpy offers the answer with 3 evaluation plans, one month ($48.99 per month), three months ($27.99 per month), and twelve Months ($11.66 per month). A demo is obtainable for the tool.

6. Hoverwatch

Best for hidden following capabilities like recording location, SMS, call audio, web activity, etc.


Hoverwatch is a free mobile hunter. It helps you to sign in for complimentary. it’s functionalities for phone history following, social media following, text following, etc.

It offers the free operation of a keylogger that registers all the keyboard buttons ironed. it’s compatible with a golem, Windows, and raincoat OS X. Hoverwatch will stay utterly invisible.


  • Hoverwatch offers the feature of a front camera pic. It mechanically captures the pic with the front camera when the screen is unlatched.
  • Its SMS hunter can allow you to read all SMS and MMS messages that are sent or received by the target phone.
  • It permits the following of videos, audio, and photos shared in Facebook conversations.
  • Its Geolocation hunter can offer you data regarding the placement of the target phone by victimization Wi-Fi signals, cell towers, and GPS.

Verdict: Hoverwatch may be a hidden following app with numerous capabilities like secret recording location, SMS, call audio, etc. Through an internet account, you’ll be able to read the recorded information.

Price: Hoverwatch is obtainable in 3 editions, Personal (Starts at $24.95 per month), Skilled (Starts at $9.99 per month per device), and Business (Starts at $6.00 per month per device). You’ll sign in for a complimentary.

Final suggestion

Sometimes you maybe need a solution for spoofing locations, we recommend you download the AimerLab Mobigo 1-click location spoofer.

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