3 Best GPS Locators in 2024

Based on my comprehensive study, I am certain that the LandAirSea 54 GPS tracker is the greatest GPS tracker available right now. This alternative from LandAirSea is lightweight and roughly the size of a tiny roll of scotch tape, making it simple to set up anywhere you need it. The 54 GPS Tracker has a rechargeable battery and may operate for up to two weeks on a single charge. The device can track almost any place in the contiguous United States via a 4G LTE connection.

We looked at each tracker’s battery life, overall size, bundled software, and cellular capabilities to determine which one was the best GPS Tracker on the market. We offer choices for every situation, whether you want to monitor a vehicle, children, or pets. While some users might need ultra-portable, covert trackers, others could choose bigger, longer-lasting trackers. In order to give you the finest possibilities for purchasing, we looked into GPS tracker options. Continue reading to find out more about the LandAirASea 54 GPS Tracker and other alternatives.

1. LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker

This discretely sized gadget has a 4G LTE cellular connection that enables real-time tracking anywhere in the United States. It also has a rechargeable battery that can last up to 2 weeks on a single charge.

Pros: Features Always current location Mac, PC, iOS, and Android compatibility with a quick 4G LTE cellular connection.

Cons: Does not function outside of the USA

Check out the LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker if you require a dependable GPS tracker that can monitor movements in real-time. You may even turn off any LED lights to totally conceal the tracker using this small, inconspicuous mini GPS tracker gadget, which is roughly the size of a short roll of scotch tape. It is simple to mount on your vehicle and doesn’t require any other attachments because it is water-proof and has a built-in magnet. The integrated battery lasts up to two weeks on a single charge, and the quick 4G LTE cellular connection keeps you connected in the United States.

You can monitor your tracker and set up features like geofencing for alerts when the device leaves a specific area with the 54 GPS Tracker’s software, which is compatible with Mac, PC, iOS, and Android devices. You can also enroll in roadside assistance if you’d like to, but it will cost you extra. The one drawback is that the cellular capability is only available in the United States, making this a poor option if you require a global solution. If you plan to bring this tracker camping with you, you might want to think about packing one of the finest emergency food packs just in case.

2. Tracki 2020 GPS Tracker

A portable, lightweight tracker that can be used worldwide to monitor a variety of objects, including drones, autos, and boats. This tracker has an optional battery extender and can run for up to 30 days, depending on your demands.

Pros: Setup takes only 5 minutes. Global tracking coverage A battery extender is an option.

Cons: Real-time tracking consumes more battery power.

The Tracki 2020 GPS Tracker is an excellent choice for those who require international tracking capabilities; Tracki designed its tracker to support global coverage, including the United States, Canada, and 185 other countries. It is a completely customizable tracking app that can track logging and time almost anywhere. Furthermore, the location of this tracker can be accessed on any computer or iPhone/Android app via GPS, GSM, or WiFi, as well as Bluetooth tracking within 100 feet. The battery life can last up to 30 days on a single charge if a real-time GPS tracker feature is not needed. As an alternative, the Tracki unit will operate in real-time for two to three days.

While adding bulk to the Tracki, an optional battery extender will extend real-time tracking up to 2 weeks — updating only four times per day will last you up to 6 months. The setup process is also quite simple, and you can get started in less than five minutes. While the size is ideal for discretion, the short battery life may be a barrier for those seeking real-time tracking. Take a look at the best fitness tracker if you want to track your mileage on your next hike.

3. PRIMETRACKING Personal GPS Tracker

This tracker’s compact size allows it to fit in tight locations so you may follow it anywhere in North America. Its dimensions are 2.7 by 1.5 by 0.9 inches. You may track your subjects for up to 2 weeks on a charge thanks to the 4G LTE connection.

Pros: Work in North America. communicates over several mobile networks tracking in real-time every 10 seconds

Cons: Costly subscription services

We advise the PRIMETRACKING Personal GPS Tracker if you’re seeking a small-footprint gadget with respectable battery life. Its dimensions are 2.7 by 1.5 by 0.9 inches, and it weighs just over 2 ounces. To enable tracking anywhere in North America, including the United States, Canada, and Mexico, the Personal GPS makes use of various cellular networks. Are you concerned that you will get lost while traveling? The finest GPS tracker for trekking is then this.

With updates every 10 seconds, the real-time monitoring tool enables you to keep tabs on your device. The software uses Google Maps to highlight specific activities, track location changes, and provide route history.


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