How to change DoorDash location/address?

March 23, 2023
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DoorDash is a popular food delivery service that allows users to order food from their favorite restaurants and have it delivered right to their doorstep. However, sometimes users may need to change their DoorDash location, for example, if they move to a new city or are traveling. In this article, we will discuss several ways to change your DoorDash location.

How to change DoorDash location

1. Why need to change my Doordash location?

There are several reasons why you may need to change your DoorDash location:

Move or travel to a New City or Town: If you move or travel to a new city or town, you’ll need to change your DoorDash location to reflect your new address. This will ensure that you can still order food delivery from local restaurants in your new area.

Order from Restaurants in a Different Area: For example, you might be at work and want to order food from a restaurant near your home, or you might be staying with a friend and want to order food from a restaurant near their house.

Take advantage of promotional offers or discounts: by changing their location to a different area, they may be able to access these offers and discounts, even if they are not available in their current location.

Receive new orders: If you are a DoorDash delivery driver, also known as a Dasher, you may need to change your location in order to receive orders in a different area.

Note: It’s important to remember that your location may affect the availability of restaurants and menu items on DoorDash. For example, some restaurants may not be available in certain areas or may have different menu items depending on the location. Additionally, delivery fees may vary depending on the distance between the restaurant and your location.

Getting started with DoorDash Developer

2. Change DoorDash Location on the Appor Website

The DoorDash app makes it easy to change your location so you can order from restaurants in a different area. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Open the DoorDash app on your smartphone and log in to your account. Then go to the profile icon and select Address from the menu.
Launch the DoorDash app and tap on the profile icon - Address

Step 2: Use the search bar to look for the new location, and then touch on the desired result when you find it.
Search for the new address in the search bar and tap on the desired result

Step 3: Choose the address you want to drop off at from the list of suggested addresses, then touch the appropriate Drop-off Option. Be sure to save your changes before closing the app.
Select any of the Drop-off Options and tap on the Save Address option


3. Change DoorDash Location Using a VPN

If you’re traveling or need to access DoorDash from a different location than usual, you may want to consider using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN can help you bypass any location-based restrictions and allow you to access DoorDash from anywhere in the world.

To use a VPN, simply download and install a reputable VPN service on your device. Then, connect to a server in the location you want to access DoorDash from. Once you’re connected, you should be able to use DoorDash as usual.
Change Location on iPhone:Android with ExpressVPN

4. Change DoorDash Location with AimerLab MobiGo location changer

You can also use the AimerLab MobiGo location changer to manipulate your location in order to access services or content that are not available in your area. AimerLab MobiGo is a GPS location spoofing app that allows users to change their location on their iOS devices. With this app, users can simulate GPS movement along a specific route, set movement speed, and switch between different locations. Another benefit of using AimerLab MobiGo is the ability to protect your privacy. By changing your GPS location, you can prevent others from tracking your physical location, which can be especially useful when traveling or when using location-based services.

Here are the steps to use AimerLab MobiGo:

Step 1: Download and Install AimerLab MobiGo location changer on your computer.

Step 2: Once installed, launch the app, and click “Get Started”.
AimerLab MobiGo Get Started

Step 3: Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable. Follow the on-screen instructions to allow access to your iPhone’s data.
Connect to Computer
Step 4: Choose a location by typing in an address or by clicking on the map.
Choose a new location to move to

Step 5: Set the Location as Your GPS Click on “Move Here” and AimerLab MobiGo will set the chosen location as your GPS location.
Move to the chosen location
Step 6: Open your DoorDash app and check your current location, you can start ordering the local food now.

Check new location on mobile

5. Conclusion

In conclusion, changing your DoorDash location is easy, whether you’re using the DoorDash app or website. Simply navigate to the “Delivery Addresses” section in your account settings and add or edit your delivery address. Additionally, if you’re traveling or need to access DoorDash from a different location, consider using a VPN or AimerLab MobiGo location changer to bypass any location-based restrictions. By following these tips, you can continue to enjoy delicious food from your favorite restaurants, no matter where you are in the world.