Top Public Pokémon Go Discord Servers and Channels in 2024

January 5, 2023
Pokémon GO Tips

Are you seeking for the best resources to find out the locations of the nearest Pokemon Go raids and battles? Are you looking for the communities to meet more Pokemon Go players to share your Pokemon Go experiences? Are you finding the best places to make good trades with others? Now you have arrived at the right destination, as the following article will provide you with a list of the top Pokemon GO Discord channels and servers.

1. How to find the top Pokemon GO Discord Servers?

Discord provides many Pokemon Go servers, which can resolve all you needs. You can open and find Discord servers using the most advanced public index. When you search for the Pokemon Go servers, you can use the filter to find the best servers. You can filter by languages, member count, relevance, popularity, etc.

2. Top Pokemon GO Discord Servers in 2023

The following list of current and functional Discord servers and channels for uncommon Pokemon in Pokémon GO.

2.1 Pokemon Go Coordinates

In general, the purpose of the Pokemon Go Coordinates server is to link Pokémon GO Trainers from all over the world so they may communicate with one another. Trainers can meet together in public spaces to raid, trade, and converse. Additionally, Pokemon Go Coordinates offers advice on how to make your tactics more effective. Members primarily exchange information about where to find unusual Pokémon spawns worldwide. Both legitimate players and spoofers may use this. This Discord server receives about 150,000 coordinates daily and is continually working to enhance our system.

Join Pokemon Go Coordinates

2.2 Pokedex100

Pokedex100 is one of the most well-known and effective Pokemon hunting websites, offering information on the locations and spawn points of Pokemon in more than thirty different nations.
They have launched a Discord server in addition to their popular public web services for Pokemon snipers in an effort to improve their offerings and give you access to free Pokemon coordinates all the time on your PC or smartphone.

Join Pokedex100

2.3 Pokesnipers

Pokesnipers is the largest and most active community on Pokemon Go Discord in the world! There are currently 140, 000 registered users, with an average of 3, 000 present at any given time.

Join Pokesnipers

2.4 PoGO Alerts Network

PoGO Alerts Network offers a mapping system for a few regions on this community server. For those chosen locations, PoGO Alerts Network also offers DM-based subscriptions that can alert users to Pokemon or tasks. You must go to #area-assignment and give yourself the area (i.e., the state or country) you play in if you want to receive DM alerts for Pokemon and missions nearby. Please remember that you may only subscribe to one region since our service is only available to local players. After that, you may visit quickstart-dm-alerts to learn how to configure your DM alerts.

Join PoGO Alerts Network 

2.5 HoustonPokeMap

HoustonPokeMap is a Pokemon scanner and GPS finding service situated in Houston, Texas. They also have an active real-time map website and a Twitter account where they freely push their discoveries in addition to the Discord server.

Join Houston PokeMap

2.6 NYCPokeMap

Pokemon scanner and tracker NYCPokeMap is based in New York City. On their Discord server, they provide a live update on all the Pokemon spawning nearby. Their official website and Twitter account also provide updates and news regarding the game.

Join NYCPokeMap

3. Recommended Solution for Spoofing Pokemon Coordinates

At present, most popular topic among Pokemon players may be the coordinates. Sometimes you need change your coordinates in order to catch more Pokemons and level up your account. Here we recommend an useful iPhone location changer – AimerLab MobiGo. With it you can teleport your Pokemon coordinates to anywhere in the world without a jailbreak. Now let’s look in-depth how it works.
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Step 3: Get familiar with MobiGo interface, and choose a mode that you use to change your location.

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4. Conclusion

This all about the Pokemon Go Servers in discord, you can choose one or several channels to join. Enjoy sniping all those strong and uncommon Pokemon! And don’t forget use AimerLab MobiGo when you need to change the Pokemon coordinates. It can help you resolve all the location problems with just 1 click. Just download and try.