Top 4 Pokemon Go Spoofers for iOS Devices

iOS location spoofers for Pokémon GO are powerful to return by. the bulk of them area unit obsolete, poorly rated, and doubtless get detected by Pokémon GO terribly before long. Thankfully, there are unit three solutions for you.

1. LuckLuckGo

LuckLuckGo could be a skilled location changer and no prisonbreak is required. you’ll play Pokemon Go while not moving and catch rare Pokemon worldwide. moreover, it’s safe and doesn’t ban your account if you alter your location multiple times.

Steps to use LuckLuckGo:

You can modify your GPS location by following the steps:

1. Download and launch LuckLuckGo on your laptop.

2. Connect your iPhone and click on “Start.”


3. Set a route or destination from a map, and adjusts the speed. Click the “Move “option.


2. iPokeGo for Pokemon Go 

The iPokeGo app has varied options which will take your pokemon catching expertise to a full new level. you’ll modify your GPS location where you wish whereas departure your current location.

However, mind as a result of Niantic might realize your actual location and block your account.


  • No got to use a laptop.
  • Easy to use.
  • No one got to prisonbreak the device.


  • The chance of your profile obtaining prohibited is high
  • Most of the precious options area units paid

3. iTools by ThinkSky

While victimization iTools to spoof Pokemon Go, the simplest issue I discovered was it does not need the American state to prisonbreak my iPhone. It permits the American state to use totally different locations on the map while not departing my area.



  • No prisonbreak required
  • Unlimited spoofing choices for premium users
  • It is wont to copy and restore your iPhone knowledge
  • Easy to work


  • The free version solely permits 3 location changes
  • Premium plans begin at a minimum of $5 a month

4. MobiGo Pokemon Go Spoofer

With this funny location spoofer, you can change your location on iPhone with only one click. AimerLab MobiGo enables you to move anywhere in Pokemon Go without actually walking.


  • Avoid Pokemon Go soft ban with the help of cooldown timer
  • A safe way to play Pokemon Go without Moving
  • East to use


  • You can change the location of 5 different iOS devices at the same time.
mobigo pokemongo location spoofer

Final Thoughts

Among these 4 Apps, I really enjoyed playing with the MobiGo iPhone GPS Location Spoofer. Yes, you can use it for an advantage in location-based games, but from my point of view, it’s real utility comes from being able to test locations in software without leaving the office.