2024 Pokemon GO Candy Guide – How To Earn, Boost & More

December 5, 2022
Pokémon GO Tips

Candy is one of the most important resources for Pokemon GO players, but there’s a lot to learn about it. In this article we will fully talk about Pokemon GO candy and how to access them.
How to get XL Candy in Pokemon Go - Dexerto

1. What is Pokemon Go Candy and XL Candy?

Candy is a resource in Pokemon GO with four crucial uses. Candy can be used to purify Shadow Pokemon, evolve Pokemon, boost up Pokemon, and unlock a second charge attack for your Pokemon.
Pokemon GO’s XL Candy is a necessary item to level up a certain Pokemon past level 40. Normal Candy can only be used up to level 40; therefore, you need XL XL Candy to advance them past that.
Additionally, players can now unlock XL Rare Candy as their level rises past 40. Players can change the Rare Candy into an XL Candy of their choice with this unique form of candy.

2. How to get candy in pokemon go?

In Pokemon GO, there are 7 different ways to get Candy. As follows:

2.1 Grabbing Pokemon

• 1st evolution stage caught rewards 3 candies.
• 2nd evolution stage caught rewards 5 candies.
• 3rd evolution stage capture rewards 10 candies.

2.2 Pokemon Egg Hatching

• For hatching 2km egg, you can receive 5-15 Candy.
• For hatching 5-7km egg, you can receive 10-21 Candy.
• For hatching a 10-12km egg, you can receive 16–32 Candy.

2.3 Switch Pokemon

Every time you transfer a Pokemon, you get 1 Candy.

2.4 Pokemon evolution

A Pokemon’s evolution awards you with 1 Candy.

2.5 Take a Buddy for a Walk

Depending on the Pokemon you are walking with, you receive 1 Candy for every set amount of distance you cover.

2.6 Feed Berries to a Pokemon at a Gym

Rarely, feeding a Pokemon at a Gym will reward you with 1 Candy.

2.7 Pokemon trading

• Trading Pokemon caught within a 10-kilometer radius earns you one candy.
• Pokemon caught within 10 to 100 kilometers of one another can be traded for 2 candies.
• 3 candies for trading Pokemon caught within 100 kilometers of one another.
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3. How to get xl candy in pokemon go?

Any player from Level 31 and up can now locate XL Candy by carrying out the subsequent actions:

• Pokemon capture. Depending on its CP, this can provide you with 1–3 XL Candy.
• If both players are Level 31 or higher, there is a small chance that they will receive an XL Candy when trading Pokemon.
• Up to 16 XL Candy are awarded for hatching 5km/7km eggs (Often much lower)
• 24 XL Candy can be obtained by hatching 10km/12km Eggs (Often much lower)
• When you’re walking with your buddy, you could receive XL Candy at random (it appears to happen more frequently the higher level they are). A single XL Candy may also be given as a prize at random.
• You can make one XL Candy from 100 normal candies.
• When you catch Pokemon of the same kind as your evolved Mega, using the new Mega Evolution mechanism in Pokemon GO will also increase your likelihood of receiving XL Candy. This only happens to High or Max Tier Megas, though.
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4. How to get more candy?

To speed up getting Pokemon Go candies, you can use AimerLab MobiGo location changer to catch new Pokemon, teleport Pokemon or walk with your Buddy. Next let’s see how to use it.

Step 1: Download, install and launch AimerLab MobiGo Pokemon Go iOS location spoofer.

Step 2: Find the teleport mode, enter a Pokemon location and click “Go” to find it. You can also tap on the map to quickly choose a location.

Step 3: Besides, you can directly import a Pokemon GPX to simulate a route and find more Pokemon.

Step 4: Click “Move Here” and teleport to the selected location.

5. Conclusion

That’s all you need to know about Candy in Pokemon GO. To have more fun in Pokemon Go, you can use AimerLab MobiGo location changer to get more candies. Best of luck getting Candy in Pokémon Go!