How to Spoof Pokémon GO Location on iPhone (2024 Guide)

Pokémon Go could be a location-based increased reality game developed by Niantic, Inc. it had been at the start free within the year 2016. Even in 2022, Pokémon GO remains one of the foremost charming play applications. it’s one of the foremost partaking and fashionable AR (Augmented Reality) based mostly on game apps on the market within the market immediately.

Because it’s a location-based game, you’ve got to depart your house and travel around your neighborhood or close places to start out enjoying or capture a Pokémon. and lots of users don’t need to depart their cozy homes to catch a replacement or desired Pokémon.

In this state of affairs, individuals ask for ways in which to spoof locations or use a Pokemon Go spoofer to realize access to new areas and capture new Pokémon.

So today, during this article, I will be able to tell you the simplest attainable ways in which to spoof location in Pokemon Go.

What Is the necessity For Spoofing Location In Pokemon Go?

As I discussed earlier, this is often a location-based increased Reality game. you would like to urge out of your house and appearance around to catch new and powerful Pokemons. you’ve got to go to close places like open fields, a close-by station (Bus/Railway), parks, malls, etc. However, there’ll return a time once all the Pokemon in your neighborhood are caught.

So to avoid this, notice new Pokemons and your favorite Pokemon athletic facility or Pokestop. you may get to spoof the Pokemon Go location. this might be done by employing a GPS Location Spoofer app and a VPN app.

Things to understand Before Spoofing Location In Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go players are spoofing ever since the game’s initial unleash, and Niantic has however to resolve the matter. although accounts that square measure purportedly spoofing get illegal eventually, it takes weeks before any repercussions occur. By this point, these players have already full-grown bored and stirred on to a different game.

Niantic is thought to supply a ban once the player goes on the far side of specific boundaries or will one thing repetitively that breaks the terms of service. to regulate Pokemon Go spoofing, Niantic has enforced the three-strike policy to ban players caught cheating once enjoying Pokemon GO.

These are as follows:

  • The first strike simply generates a warning message. Nothing else can happen, and you may be allowed to play.
  • After the second strike, your account is suspended for a month, and you may be unable to play for a month.
  • Your account is for good illegal once the third and final strike.

How to Spoof Pokemon Go Location?

For a correct and safe spoofing location in Pokemon Go, you may want a decent GPS spoofing app or a VPN service of your alternative.

In most things, VPNs square measure helpful for concealing your true location. However, once deciding on a way to get Pokemon Go, ignore your actual location and instead use the situation provided by the app; you’ll want a VPN or a spoofing app thanks to how Pokemon Go detects your location.

It works like this: Whenever you open the Pokemon Go app to play, it’ll mechanically hunt for your GPS location after you 1st begin enjoying it. Next, it’ll investigate your current information processing address and verify what town or city you’re presently set in to understand wherever you’re specifically on a map.

Using each GPS and your information processing address can create it thus Pokémon Go will verify your location as a result it will see that the 2 items of knowledge match up.

Steps to Require for Spoofing Location In Pokemon Go

First, you would like to try and do 2 things:

1. Select a trustworthy VPN supplier – we tend to suggest Nord VPN for its covert secrecy and lighting quick speeds.

2. Install a GPS spoofing application on your phone. Here we recommend you use AimerLab MobiGo – Pokemon Go Location Spoofer. This app can instantly teleport your iPhone’s GPS location to anywhere in the world. 100% successfully teleport, and 100% safe.

mobigo pokemongo location spoofer

Once you’re through with the MobiGo installation, follow these steps to spoof the Pokemon Go location:

  • Step 1. Connect your device to a Mac or PC.
  • Step 2. Select your desired mode.
  • Step 3. Choose a virtual destination to simulate.
  • Step 4. Adjust the speed and stop to simulate more naturally.

And that’s how you’ll be able to with success spoof the Pokemon Go location.

Warm Tip:

  • Don’t bounce from one location to the next too often. If it is detected, your account may well be suspended.
  • Avoid catching an outsized variety of Pokémon in a short amount of time. This can raise a red flag with the developers and should lead to your ban.

To Wrap it Up

And that’s how spoofing locations in Pokemon Go is done. Hopefully, this text is a useful way to spoof Pokemon Go locations. Give this methodology an attempt and allow us to recognize your experiences in the comments below.