How to Change Location Of Youtube Account

YouTube makes video recommendations for you based on both your location and your personal tastes. On YouTube, you may quickly change your default location to get localized recommendations for various nations. Learn how to change your location on YouTube by reading on.

1. How to Change Youtube Location on Computer

Click on your profile icon on the YouTube website. Choose Location from the drop-down menu, then click the arrow to select your new location.

Change Youtube location

How to change the language on YouTube

Step 1: Open your laptop and sign in to your YouTube account as the first step (if not already).
Step 2: Click on your profile photo.
Step 3: Select Language
Step 4: Choose the language you want to use.
Change Youtube language

Regardless of the language shift, YouTube videos will continue to be available in their original language. Your language preferences are saved in the browser you’re now using, so if you ever clear your cache and cookies, you’ll have to update them again.

2. How to Change my location on iOS device?

Open the YouTube app on your Android or iOS device, then tap the icon for your account. Select Settings next. Click General and then Location from there. The nation of your choice is now available for selection.

How to Change my location on iOS device

Next, you need to download a GPS location spoofer to help you change your location.

We recommend you use AimerLab MobiGo – An Effective 1-Click GPS Location Spoofer. This app can defend your GPS location privacy and teleport you to the selected location. 100% successfully teleport, and 100% safe.

mobigo 1-click location spoofer
Free Download
Free Download

Now see how to use MobiGo to fake your locatin.

Step 1. Connect your device to a Mac or PC.
Step 2. Select your desired mode.
Step 3. Choose a virtual destination to simulate.
Step 4. Adjust the speed and stop to simulate it more naturally.
mobigo interface

If you want know more about location spoofing solutions, please view MobiGo Full User Guide.

New you can go bank to your Youtube App, you will location, which you have teleported with MobiGo. Enjoy your video!