Pokémon GO Gym Maps

October 14, 2022
Pokémon GO Tips

The Pokemon Gym is an amazing feature, but to really maximize its usefulness, you have to understand the Gym maps. In this article, you will learn how to do that.

One of the best things about Pokemon Go is the wealth of interactive features that it has. And out of all those features, Pokemon Go gym maps are one of the most significant. In this article, you will learn more about these maps and also know how best you can use them to advance in your game.

Before we go into the different maps and how you can use them to play your Pokemon Go game, here are some things about Gym maps that you should understand.

1. What are Pokemon Go maps used for?

Pokemon Go is a very interactive game, and to play it properly, you need to find Pokemon in different locations. And this is where the use of a map comes in.

Just like you need a map to look for places and things in the real world, you can also use the Pokemon map to locate different pokemon during the game. The difference between this map and a regular kind of app is that it is uniquely interactive.

When you use a Pokemon Go map, it will display the location of Pokemons to you in that location you are playing. You can also find the best statistics and pokemon moves to aid your chances of success during the game.

Because of how useful the Pokemon Go maps can be, some people have already started calling the game a map on itself. Such people feel that Pokemon Go is a map that just has a gaming layer. And you cannot exactly disagree with that because this is a geolocation based game.

2. Special features of a Pokemon Go gym map

The basic function of a Pokemon Go gym map is to help a player to locate Pokemon Gyms. When you locate a gym, you can successfully raid it. But the gym maps can also serve the following extra purposes:

  • The map can help you locate a Pokemon nest. Which will be very useful in the game when you need to harvest a large number of various Pokemon.
  • Pokemon go map also has the special feature that helps you see all the Pokestop within your location.
  • When the gym is having an event, your Pokemon Go map will use special scanners to indicate that the Gym is active. When no event is ongoing, these scanners will remain off.
  • Lastly, your Pokemon go gym map can give you a countdown timer that helps you prepare yourself to be in a spawning site at the perfect time.
  • 3. Top Pokemon Go gym maps

    The following Pokemon Go gym maps are the best ones you will need to become a Pokemon master.

    3.1 PoGoMap

    PoGoMap is a popular Gym man for Pokemon Go. It has all the special features listed above, so you can enjoy all the perks you are supposed to have and even more. What sets this Gym map apart from other types is that it does more than the basics.

    It can tell you the gym that is going to be handing out EX raid passes. For those who don’t know EX raid passes are raids that can be regarded as VIP. only those who are invited can participate. If you have this Pokemon Go Gym map, you will be able to enjoy exclusive access to special raids before other players can see them.

    3.2 Go Map

    Go Map performs all the basic functions that a typical gym map is supposed to do. It is also very interactive and gets updated in real time. With this map, you can also add your own input and enhance its function for future uses.

    For every Pokemon you see in the game, this Go map will give you detailed statistics that will help you improve the way you play. Many users say this is the most interactive Gym map because it basically depends on the input of different players for various locations to get updated.

    If you really want to get the best out of the Go Gym map, use it in a location that you know will have the best trainers.

    3.3 PokeFind

    Recent players may not know this, but PokeFind was not always a top Pokemon Go gym map. The website started as a map that just had a tracker that located Pokemon Gyms and other related things. But today, it is one of the best Gym maps you can find.

    PokeFind is now a very active forum, one that has many contributors that exchange different important information that can enhance the game for every player. The map also has useful filters that will help you locate a rare pokemon or detect the best time of the day when you will find more Pokemon to catch.

    4. You need to change your location

    As you play on, you may eventually run out of gyms to conquer in a particular place. So you need to change your location in order to explore and conquer more territories. This is where the iPhone’s GPS locator comes in.

    You need an app that will instantly teleport your iPhones location to any city in the world. And the best application for that is the AimerLab MobiGo Location Changer. It is user friendly, safe, and more importantly, very effective.

    The AimerLab MobiGo  app even has a favorite list feature. Which allows you to revisit certain places that you really enjoy playing from. With such a powerful location changing app and these Pokemon Go gym maps, you are set to have the gaming experience of a lifetime.

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