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October 11, 2023
Fix iPhone Issues

Our mobile devices have become an indispensable part of our lives, and for iOS users, the reliability and smooth performance of Apple devices are well-known. However, no technology is infallible, and iOS devices are not exempt from experiencing issues like being stuck in recovery mode, suffering from the dreaded Apple logo loop, or facing system glitches. That’s where iOS system repair tools like Tenorshare ReiBoot come into play. In this article, we’ll take a Reiboot review including what Tenorshare ReiBoot is, its main features, how to use it effectively, and introduce you to an alternative solution.

1. What is Tenorshare ReiBoot?

Tenorshare ReiBoot is a powerful iOS system repair tool designed to help users overcome a wide range of iOS-related issues. Whether your iPhone is stuck in recovery mode, displaying the Apple logo indefinitely, or experiencing other system glitches, ReiBoot offers a comprehensive solution for iOS device recovery.
 Tenorshare ReiBoot

2. ReiBoot’s Main Features

  • Enter/Exit Recovery Mode:

    • One of ReiBoot’s standout features is its ability to enter and exit recovery mode with just one click. This is a common requirement for users attempting to resolve various iOS issues.
  • Fixing iOS Stuck Issues:

    • ReiBoot can resolve a variety of stuck issues, such as the Apple logo loop, black screen, and iTunes errors. It helps you get your iOS device back to normal in a matter of minutes.
  • Repair iOS System:

    • The “Repair Operating System” feature of ReiBoot allows users to fix serious iOS problems without data loss. It can repair issues like a frozen screen, app crashes, and system malfunctions.
  • Downgrade iOS without Data Loss:

    • In case you encounter issues after updating your iOS version, ReiBoot enables you to downgrade to the previous iOS version without losing your data.
  • Factory Reset Your iOS Device:

    • ReiBoot provides a simple way to factory reset your device, which is useful when you want to start fresh or if your device is locked due to forgotten passcodes.
  • Supported iOS Devices and Versions:

    • Tenorshare ReiBoot is compatible with a wide range of iOS devices, from iPhone 4 to the latest iPhone 15, and supports iOS versions from iOS 5 to the most recent iOS 17.

3. How to Use Tenorshare ReiBoot?

Using Tenorshare ReiBoot is straightforward, and it only takes a few steps to resolve common iOS issues. Here’s a simple guide on how to use ReiBoot effectively:

Step 1: Start by downloading, installing and opening ReiBoot on your computer, whether you’re using a Mac or Windows PC. Connect your problematic iOS device to the computer using a USB cable, make sure ReiBoot detect your connected device.
launch Tenorshare ReiBoot
Step 2: If you need to enter recovery mode, just click on “Enter Recovery Mode” to put your device into this mode.
enter recovery mode
Step 3: If your device is already in recovery mode and you want to exit it, click on “Exit Recovery Mode“.
exit recovery mode
Step 4: If your device has more severe issues, click on the “iOS System Repair” option, and ReiBoot will provide two repair modes and guide you through the process.
fix iOS system issues
Step 5: If you wish to upgrade or downgrade your iOS version, select the “iOS Upgrade/Downgrade” option, and ReiBoot enables you to upgrade or downgrade to the version that you want without losing your data.
upgrade ios system
Step 6: To factory reset your iOS device, choose the “Factory Reset iPhone” option, and ReiBoot will erase all data and settings on your device.
factory reset iphone

4. Try ReiBoot Alternatives: AimerLab FixMate

While Tenorshare ReiBoot is a powerful and user-friendly iOS repair tool, it has much limitation for users to use it’s features. In this situation, it’s essential to explore alternatives to repair your Apple devices. AimerLab FixMate is one such alternative that offers similar features but with less limitation, let’s explore the differences between these two softwares:

Comparison Tenorshare ReiBoot AimerLab FixMate
Free Trial Enter Recovery Mode: Free
Exit Recovery Mode: Paid
Enter Recovery Mode: Free
Exit Recovery Mode: Free
Advanced Features Fix 150+ iOS Issues: Fix 150+ iOS Issues:
Pricing 1-Month Plan: $24.95
1-Year Plan: $49.95
Lifetime Plan: $79.95
1-Month Plan: $19.95
1-Year Plan: $44.95
Lifetime Plan: $74.95

5. Conclusion

In conclusion, Tenorshare ReiBoot is a robust iOS system repair tool that offers a range of features to resolve common iOS-related issues. Whether you need to enter or exit recovery mode, repair the iOS system, downgrade the iOS version, or factory reset your device, ReiBoot provides a user-friendly solution. If you’re considering an alternative, AimerLab FixMate is a viable choice with similar capabilities, less limitation and lower price, suggest downloading FixMate and giving a try.
AimerLab FixMate - All-in-one iOS System Repair Tool