How to Fix iPhone Stuck in Dark Mode?

Dark Mode, a beloved feature on iPhones, provides users with a visually appealing and battery-saving alternative to the traditional light user interface. However, like any software feature, it can sometimes encounter issues. In this article, we will delve into what Dark Mode is, how to enable or disable it on an iPhone, explore reasons why an iPhone may get stuck in Dark Mode, and provide potential solutions, including using AimerLsb FixMate, a trusted iOS system recovery tool.
How to fix iPhone stuck in dark mode

1. What is dark mode on iPhone?

Dark Mode is a display setting available on iPhones running iOS 13 and later versions. When enabled, it transforms the user interface by using black, gray, and dark shades, offering a comfortable viewing experience in low-light environments. Dark Mode’s benefits include reduced eye strain, improved visibility, and potentially increased battery life, especially on devices with OLED screens.

2. How to turn on/off dark mode on iPhone?

Enabling Dark Mode on an iPhone is a simple process:

Step 1: On your iPhone, go to “Settings” and select “Display & Brightness“.
iPhone settings display and brightness
Step 2: Under the Appearance section, select “Dark” to enable Dark Mode. You can also schedule Dark Mode to activate automatically based on the time of day or sunset/sunrise.
iPhone dark mode
To disable Dark Mode:

Step 1: Continue on in the same manner as you did before.
Step 2: Select “Light” under the Appearance section.
iPhone light mode

3. Why iPhone stuck in dark mode?

While Dark Mode generally functions smoothly, some users may encounter their iPhone getting stuck in Dark Mode. Several factors can contribute to stuck on dark mode:

  • Software glitches: Occasionally, iOS updates or third-party apps may conflict with the Dark Mode settings, causing it to become unresponsive.
  • Accessibility settings: Certain accessibility options, like “Smart Invert Colors” or “Color Filters,” can interfere with Dark Mode functionality.
  • Display or sensor issues: Problems with the iPhone’s ambient light sensor or display hardware may prevent Dark Mode from switching off as intended.

4. How to fix iPhone stuck in dark mode?

If your iPhone is stuck in Dark Mode, there are several troubleshooting steps you can take:

4.1 Restart your iPhone

  • Press and hold the power button and either of the volume buttons simultaneously until the slider appears.
  • Turn off the device by dragging the slider to the left.
  • Press and hold the power button for a few seconds until the Apple logo shows.
Restart iPhone

4.2 Disable accessibility settings

Step 1: Go to “Settings” > “Accessibility” > “Display & Text Size“.iPhone display and text size
Step 2: Turn off any enabled options such as “Smart Invert Colors” or “Color Filters“.
Turn off display and text size

4.3 Reset all settings

  • Go to “Settings” > Find “General” > Click “Transfer or Reset iPhone“.
  • Choose “Reset” and confirm your selection and enter your passcode when prompted.
Reset iPhone

5. Advanced method to fix iPhone stuck in dark mode (100% Work)

If the above steps don’t resolve the issue, AimerLab FixMate can be a useful tool in fixing Dark Mode problems. AimerLab FixMate is a reputable iOS system recovery software that can help resolve 150+ iOS-related system issues, including getting stuck in Dark Mode, stuck on recovery mode or DFU mode, stuck on updating, boot loop and any other system issues. 

Here’s how to use AimerLab FixMate to return your iPhone to normal:

Step 1: Get AimerLab FixMate and install it on your PC by clicking “Free Download” button below.

Step 2: Launch FixMate and use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to your PC. Click “Start” on the home screen of the main interface after your device has been recognised.
iPhone 12 connect to computer

Step 3: Choose “Standard Repair” or “Deep Repair” mode to start repairing iPhone stuck in dark mode. Deep repair fixes serious errors but deletes data, while standard repair fixes smaller issues without losing data.
FixMate Choose Standard Repair
Step 4: Select the firmware version, and then click “Repair” to start downloading firmware onto your computer.
iPhone 12 download firmware
Step 5: After downloading the firmware package, FixMate will fix all of your iPhone’s system issues, including stuck on dark mode.
Standard Repair in Process
Step 6: When the repair is complete, your iPhone will reboot and return to its original state.
Standard Repair Completed


6. Conclusion

Dark Mode enhances the iPhone user experience, but occasionally, issues may arise, such as iPhones getting stuck in Dark Mode. By following the troubleshooting steps outlined above, most users should be able to resolve these issues. Additionally, AimerLab FixMate provides a reliable solution for fixing Dark Mode problems and other iOS-related issues, suggest downloading it and giving a try.