How to Fix My iPad Mini or Pro Stuck in Guided Access?

Apple’s iPad Mini or Pro offers a range of accessibility features, among which Guided Access stands out as a valuable tool for limiting user access to specific apps and functionalities. Whether it’s for educational purposes, special needs individuals, or restricting app access for kids, Guided Access provides a secure and focused environment. However, like any technology, it is not immune to glitches and malfunctions. One common issue faced by iPad users is the device getting stuck in Guided Access mode, causing frustration and hindrance. In this article, we will explore what Guided Access is, the reasons behind the iPad getting stuck in this mode, and comprehensive solutions to resolve the problem.
How to Fix my iPad Stuck in Guided Access

1. What is Guided Access?

Guided Access is an accessibility feature introduced by Apple that allows users to restrict an iPad or iPhone to a single app. By enabling this feature, users can prevent access to other apps, notifications, and the Home button, making it ideal for situations where focus or control is required. It can be particularly useful in educational settings, public kiosks, or when handing the device to a child.

To enable Guided Access on an iPad, follow these two steps:

Step 1: Open “Settings” on your iPad and go to “Accessibility“.
Step 2: Under the “General” section, tap on “Guided Access“, toggle the switch to enable Guided Access and set a passcode for Guided Access.
iPad Guided Access

2. Why my iPad Mini/Pro Stuck in Guided Access?

  • Software Bugs: Software bugs and glitches can lead to Guided Access not working correctly. These bugs might prevent the iPad from recognizing the exit command, resulting in a stuck state.
  • Incorrect Settings: Misconfigured Guided Access settings, including wrong passcodes or multiple conflicting restrictions, can lead to the iPad being stuck in Guided Access mode.
  • Outdated Software: Running an outdated iOS version might lead to compatibility issues with Guided Access, causing it to malfunction.
  • Hardware Problems: In rare cases, hardware issues, such as a malfunctioning Home button or screen, could affect the iPad’s ability to exit Guided Access.

3. How to Fix iPad Stuck in Guided Access?

Now that we have an understanding of Guided Access and its potential causes for getting stuck, let’s explore various solutions to address the issue:

  • Restart the iPad: The simplest and often most effective solution is to restart the iPad. Press and hold the Power button until the “Slide to power off” slider appears. Slide it to turn off the device. Then, press and hold the Power button again until the Apple logo appears, indicating that the iPad is restarting.
  • Disable Guided Access: If the iPad is still stuck in Guided Access after restarting, you can try disabling the feature. To do this, follow the steps mentioned in the introduction to enable Guided Access and toggle it off.
  • Check Passcode: If you have set a Guided Access passcode and cannot exit the mode, ensure that you are entering the correct passcode. Double-check for typos or any confusion with similar-looking characters.
  • Force Exit Guided Access: If the iPad does not respond to the regular Guided Access exit method, try force exiting it. Triple-click the Home button (or the Power button for devices without a Home button) and enter the Guided Access passcode when prompted. This should forcefully exit Guided Access.
  • Update iOS: Ensure that your iPad is running on the latest iOS version. Apple frequently releases updates to fix bugs and enhance the performance of its devices. To update your iPad, go to “Settings,” then “General,” and select “Software Update.”
  • Reset Guided Access Passcode: If you believe the issue is related to the Guided Access passcode, you can reset it. To do this, go to “Settings,” then “Accessibility,” and under “Learning,” tap on “Guided Access.” Choose “Set Guided Access Passcode” and enter a new passcode.
  • Reset All Settings: Resetting all settings can help resolve conflicts that may be causing Guided Access to malfunction. Go to “Settings,” then “General,” and select “Reset.” Choose “Reset All Settings,” enter your passcode, and confirm the action.
  • Restore iPad using iTunes: If none of the above solutions work, restoring the iPad using iTunes might be necessary. Connect your iPad to a computer with iTunes installed, select your device in iTunes, and click on “Restore iPad.” Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

4. Advanced Method to Fix iPad Stuck in Guided Access

If you can’t resolve your issue using the methods above, then AimerLab FixMate is a powerful and reliable tool for you to effectively fix over 150 iOS/iPadOS/tvOS-related issues, including stuck in Guided Access mode, stuck on recovery mode, black screen, update errors and other system issues. With its user-friendly interface and ability to repair the Apple system without data loss, FixMate offers an excellent solution for troubleshooting Apple system problems.
Let’s check how to fix iPad stuck in guided access with AimerLab FixMate:

Step 1: Click the “Free Download” button to get AimerLab FixMate and install it on your PC.

Step 2: Open FixMate and use a USB cord to connect your iPad to your PC. Click “Start” on the home screen of the main interface once your device has been identified.
connect iPad

Step 3: Select “Standard Repair” or “Deep Repair” mode to get started with the repair. The standard repair mode resolves basic problems without erasing data, while the deep repair option resolves more serious issues but erases data from the device. It is advised to select the standard repair mode to resolve the iPad stuck in guided access.
FixMate Choose Standard Repair
Step 4: Select the firmware version you desire, and then click “Repair” to start downloading it to your computer.
download iPad firmware
Step 5: When the download is finished, FixMate will begin repairing any system issues on your iPad.
Standard Repair in Process
Step 6: When the repair is complete, your iPad will immediately restart and return to its original state.
Standard Repair Completed

5. Conclusion

iPad Guided Access is an essential feature designed to enhance accessibility and focus. However, encountering a stuck Guided Access issue can be frustrating. Through this article, we have explored the reasons why the iPad might get stuck in Guided Access and offered comprehensive solutions to address the problem. By following the provided steps and prevention tips, you can effectively troubleshoot and resolve the issue, ensuring that your iPad functions flawlessly in Guided Access mode when needed. You can also choose to use the AimerLab FixMate to repair all your iOS system issues with just one click and without data loss, suggest download and give it a try.